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Dozens of ready-to-use templates to create your event
Save time and benefit from over 100 years of experience working with event.*

*njuko has more than 100 years of experience accumulated in endurance by all of its collaborators!

Your time is valuable, so we've taken the lead.
Event templates in which all the modules you need already installed.
It only takes a few clicks to create your event and open your registrations!
Let's get started!

A unique innovation that helps us share knowledge and give you a head start.
Event templates are ready to be used, regardless of:

The discipline
running, trail, ultra-trail, triathlon, obstacle course, cycling, skiing...

The distance
100km, marathon, half marathon, 10km, 5km, children's race...

The formula
individual, team or relay, group...

The number of participants
50... 500... 2000... 10 000... 50 000

We have a model that suits you...