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Athletes are evolving,

are you?

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Personalise your registration experience with our unique technology

Create a bespoke
digital experience
for each of your participants per event, distance or more

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Does this seem impossible to you?

This is how we do it

3 core values that have remained since 2012

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White label experience

The registration link and the domain name remains under your name. Your logo and brand colours are put forward in the application. Your participants will now stay in your branded environment and the njuko entry process uses your brand, colours and even domain if you want it. At the most critical moment, when they give you their personal data and make their payment, this happens on your premises!

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No data ownership or use

The data collected is YOUR data. You can do what you like with it. As far as we are concerned, we will never do anything with it! We are a technology company, not a marketing company. We process all data securely and store it for you, this is it.

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Your own payment gateway

Your participants can pay with your payment gateway, plugged into njuko. You finally control your cash flow in real time, you gain flexibility while managing your refunds, your supplier payments, etc.

4 major industry innovations that makes us different

Adaptive registration workflows

Each participant can have a dedicated registration workflow. You show your participant that you know them and take them by the hand.

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Participant’s dashboard:

On average a participant registers 88 days before the race! To follow you, they have to subscribe to your social networks, visit your website regularly, follow your newsletters and so on. It's simply a pain... With the participant's dashboard, your participant has a single screen where he can find all your information in one place with its dashboard: social feeds, training plan (optional), course map shop, etc. Each participant can have a different dashboard.

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The first registration ‘app store’ with hundreds of modules to choose from

You’ve always wanted to build your own registration platform and we have the environment to do this. Choose from our store of modules and pick what you like, you only pay for what you choose and there are plenty of features to choose from. Now you can have the platform you've always wanted, if you can't find what you need ask us! There is a module for everyone of your needs.

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A team passionate about our space, from Ex-Race Directors, Chip timers and product developers

You think it's very interesting but it's too much for you? Too much work? We have a team of experts worldwide who are here to help you with registrations and more…

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Our industry first flexible pricing model

Starting from 0,20€ per registration

Save time and focus on the essentials:
your event and your participants!

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