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Can you offer something unique to a sports event organiser? event organisers?

- Offer an additional service to athletes during the event (e.g. carpooling)

- Offer an additional service to the organiser for his event (e.g. medical service)

- Help organisers manage their registrations (e.g. payment method)

Many partners and developers have already integrated their module idea in njuko II in a wide range of sectors including virtual racing, payment methods, eco initiatives, accommodation, fundraising. carpooling, accommodation, payment methods, training, social networks, equipment, calendars, charity, race numbers, volunteer management...

Do you want to open up
your service to over
2 million registrations a year?
Nothing could be easier!

You will have access to the developer console to create a module in njuko II Store.

Your module will then be available for organisers who use our application who can then install it on their events.

njuko II is open source!
we want an open marketplace of ideas from specialists in all areas whilst we stick to what we know best, endurance sports registrations.
If you have the expertise, you are the most able to do it.

njuko can also develop your module on request. Contact us.