njuko flèche vers le haut
L'équipe njuko

Who are we?

Since 2012, the njuko team
has developed in France
and internationally




France - UK/Ireland - Italy
Germany - Singapore - Hong Kong


France, UK, USA,
Germany, Brazil

sports we practice

surfing, triathlon, sea rescue,
cross-country skiing, rugby, soccer,
gym, running, cycling, basketball, trail running,
mountaineering, rock climbing, yoga, water polo

What do they have in common? These sports enthusiasts are also digital professionals, they are part of the 24 employees of njuko. They work in Biarritz, London, Milan, Düsseldorf, Hong-Kong or Singapore.

In 2012, Pierre and Cédric decided to found njuko, an online application for sports event organisers. With an innovative concept: the organiser is the sole owner of his participants' data, he has the ability to modulate the countless features according to his needs, and the participant does not need to create an account to register.

In njuko, a new event opens every 2 hours and more than 3.5 millions registrations over the last 12 months (September 2022).

Over the years, our application has grown and the team has expanded. Always on the lookout for new technologies, or in the field listening to the needs of customers, the whole team is in action. In fact, we never stop! Some may find this tiring, but the key word at njuko is passion... for our work, for the sport and for the team spirit. Everyone has his or her own speciality, there are developers, sales people, accountants, communication specialists, subsidiary management... all of this is united around the same idea of excellence in uniqueness. and also often around a gastronomic meal! njuko is firmly focused on the future. The most important thing for us is what we produce today and what we will produce in the future! Some companies are happy to share they have been created since ages, we prefer to pride ourselves with is yet to come and all the wonderful things we want to build. We are established in the future.