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Secured payment

Payments made through our application are 100% secure. They are operated via specialised platforms, market leaders (Payzen, Stripe, Ingenico, ...) that guarantee the security of online banking transactions.

For njuko.com, ensuring the privacy and security of our customers personal information and transactions is more than a priority, it's a duty.

That's why njuko is the first and probably the only online registration company to have received its banking license exemption by the ACPR.

Indeed, since the end of 2014, La Banque de France has legislated on the management of third party accounts, i.e operators who manage money that does not belong to them and which must eventually be returned to the third party concerned. Accordingly, as of January 1 2017, any French company operating in the management of third-party accounts had to:
- Either be a banking operator proper, i.e. a Bank,
- Or have a banking license exemption issued by the ACPR (Autorité
 de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Régulation), the agency mandated by the  Banque de France to issue such licenses.

In other words, this exemption from banking approval guarantees the security of your funds as well as transparency and complete watertightness between the different amounts collected for each event.