Creating an event requires a lot of energy. Registration management is one of the most time consuming parts. The njuko.com application helps you to save time and focus on the fundamental : your competition.

njuko.com offers simple and innovative features to assist you in the daily management of your race to the starting line.

We invite you to discover the features according to your needs.


njuko.com is available in 5 languages

Your form can be translated into five languages ​​so that your participants register in the language of their choice.

All entry fields and features of your form can be translated into French, English, Spanish, Italian, portuguese or Dutch. If the language you want to include in your form is not available, we can add more languages ​​on request.

Customize your registration form

njuko.com helps you to create a customizable form, adapted to your event, in order to avoid errors, collect accurate data and avoid duplication.A light and customized form is crucial to avoid errors collect accurate data and avoid duplication. we help you to create the right one fully adapted to your event.

  • Unlimited creation of questions ;
  • Formalization of questions (multiple choice, checkboxes, race time, date …). Over 10 question types are available;
  • Conditional logic: a question is displayed depending on the answer to a previous question (e.g. the license number is displayed only if the participant reported being a license holder);
  • Modifiable order of questions
  • Merchandising and options (pasta party, t-shirts, etc.);
  • Managing spare numbers and available stock ;
  • Progressive rate schedule by date and / or quantity;


njuko.com is available on computer, tablet and mobile.

You offer a non parallel convenience to your participants who register from the terminal of their choice. The application adapts and offers exactly the same features on any terminal.

Your graphics registration module

When participants click on the registration module to access the registration form, a new tab opens, designed in your graphics: your participants do not feel like leaving your site.

Customizable URL

Each event can customize its URL and become unique.

Exemple : http://www.Iwanttoplugmyurl/the_name_of_my_race

Users Management

As administrator of several events, you grant access rights to the platform and sections to anyone you want (only available on Driver and Itxiban plans).

Download of results

Share the results with the participants on your website right the day after the race; An email campaign allows you to let know the results are available! The following year, you can customize your emails based on individual performances.

Rules and Regulations

Download the rules and regulations of your event and insert it in the form, either fully or as a link, available in a new page.


Define the route (distance, altitude) and share it with the participants: Participants will enjoy to view the route and study it.

Service providers Directory

It is never easy to find the right provider for each specific part of the event. Without claiming to have them all listed, we created a directory of reliable and recognized providers of services that can help the big day. We have listed almost 120 providers, from timekeepers, medals providers, arches, T-shirts …

This directory is available for free and without obligation of use. We just hope you will be in your element.

Quickly and easily manage registrations


A dream come true! On a single page, you can view all your event key informations : number of participants by competition, daily turnover, global turnover, documents on hold, pending payments, key statistics and more.

Participants dashboard

Real asset of the njuko.com application : You can access to the list of your participants for each event in a wink : you can search them, ( according to several criteria : date of registration , registration status , voucher status, …), you change their status, manage their documents , you write them , you save a payment or refund,

Searching and handling a registration has never been easier

Registration list

njuko.com allows you to create your own customized lists of participants. This list is then integrated to your website and is updated in live; participants have access and can check the status of their registration online.

Export data

Your registrations are the foundation of your event; the export file should be and of the higher standards and compliant with the requirements of the timekeepers, referees, federation, …

We have developed a device that not only helps you to format your file ( LOGICA , GMCAP , Excel , CSV , HTML, XML , HTML, Text ) but also sort the exported data.

In our platform, one question = one answer = one column as far as data export is concerned. You can therefore choose and filter the data you want to collect to meet your requirements.

You can download part or full of your datas as many times as you want. Your datas are kept for 10 years and archived; they remain accessible on request.

Important : A download is a copy of the data collected on njuko.com. Don’t be afraid to download as much data as you want, your data will still be available from your njuko.com account.

You can get on njuko.com the list of participants under formats GMCAP and Logica. No more errors, we are 100% compatible.

Automatic BIB assignment

You define rules for the BIB allocation. These numbers are automatically assigned through the registrations process. You decide the rules and the allocation mode. Multiple possibilities are possible :

  • Type of registration Assignment
  • Age group Assignment
  • Estimated time Assignment
  • Immediate Assignment
  • Deferred Assignment
  • Order of registration Assignment

You can assign them automatically, manually, or a bit of both at the same time.

Offline Registration

We know that some incorrigible participants will always prefer to register on paper rather than online. That’s why, we offer an offline registration tool: your participant registers offline and you import their details in the database by completing an online registration form which includes all the questions, in order to consolidate all your registrations in the same database.

Registration import

You import registrations (registrations from last year / a group manager who wishes to register a large number of participants) and you include them in your existing list of participants (you import a file or you fill them one after the other), allowing you to have access to all your participants from a single data base.

Management of the documents (medical certificate, license, parental consent, liability,…)

Documents issue is a sensitive topic :

  • Do you want to collect them online? (It is possible to download them later on when you will get them by mail or email)
  • Do you want the document to be mandatory? (participants can pay to secure their registration then come back to download their document later)
  • What type of document do you want to get ?

njuko.com offers you great flexibility to manage all eventualities:

  • Collect and validate the documents online means that you don’t have to do it the D Day and that your participants do not have to worry about bringing it to the race pack pick-up.
  • Your participants can send you their documents by mail or e-mail, you post them from their form indicating « receipt offline » or download them and validate them.
  • You get in touch with participants who have not posted documents or posted a non valid one.

Teams registration feature

Your participants create team registrations to facilitate relay or group friend participation.

A question "team" is available from the (long) list of customizable fields of the registration form . Operating it is very simple: a participant registers and creates his team at the same time. His teammates can then register individually and join the team. The remaining places are visible in live. The name of teams already created is suggested when you type the first few letters . You define the size of the valid teams.

Feature of group registrations

We know how important it is to pay attention to a club that moves many athletes to an event . You can allow group registrations : a group leader creates the group (without necessarily being part of it himself) subsequently invites athletes to register themselves individually or handles the registrations himself. All registrations are gathered in the group. You easily identify the participants from the management interface . You can also interfere if necessary : attach a lost participant to the right group, create, move, or delete a group . You can also import participant in a group already created (easy to import hundreds of participants and distinguish them from others).

Waiting list

njuko.com allows you to open a waiting list for registration types that are victims of their success : the participant registers on the waiting list by entering his email address and is then identified in the queue. Upon cancellations that occur and depending on his ranking , an email is sent automatically when his turn come . This email address is unique and contains a special URL that allows them to register for a limited period ( your choice). If he doesn’t register on time, the application is canceled and the next person on the waiting list is contacted.

Real-time licenses checking

njuko.com potentially helps you to check licenses in real time

A question is available in the customizable form that allows potentially a quick scan of the license downloaded by the participant. The License can possibly be validated automatically by the Federation itself, according to their specific criteria.

« the njuko.com to way to do it »

njuko.com the management of registration to the next level and proposes solutions 100% digital.

njuko.com is an application dedicated to the world of sport. Our wish is to facilitate the life of our partners, save their time and and minimize sources of error.

« The njuko.com the way to do it » embeds technology lovers thanks to its 100% paperless registration process. Using QR code technology, Njuko.com offers a 100% digital registration process, 0% paper but which still requires a smartphone device and / or digital tablet (every terminal and operator accepted).

  • The participant registers online and receive an email confirmation with a QR code.
  • The QR code gives you access to the registration form and you can, from your smartphone or tablet :
    • Validate a document ;
    • Process to a payment
    • Assign a BIB ;
    • Save a signature ;
    • Modify the form of a participant.

We believe that our application should accommodate as many of you. ‘the njuko.com to way to do it’ is accessible but is not mandatory; for some of the developed functionalities, you can choose ‘the njuko.com to way to do it’ or the ‘classic ‘. We propose, you decide.

E-mail Confirmation

Each participant receives an e-mail confirmation.

As soon as a participant registers, he gets an email confirmation informing him of his status of its (complete or incomplete), and the status of his document (downloaded or not - validated / pending / rejected).

The email confirmation is a summary of the registration, it takes on the informations provided by the participants and the extras he has subscribed.

You decide whether the participant should submit it the day of the race, to collect his BIB.

« The njuko.com to way to do it » :

njuko.com goes beyond and uses a QR code on each email confirmation to offer various features that allow you to manage the registration process globally. You save time and avoid sources of error

Flashing the QR code from the email confirmation allows you to :

  • Access the file of the competitor;
  • Know the BIB to assign to the participant or to assign him one on site ;
  • Get a payment the day of the race;
  • Attach a document to validate a registration.

Arborescence « the njuko.com way to do it »

On-site registration

njuko.com offers you 2 ways to manage your registration on-site.

‘offline’ on site registrations : your participants register by completing the registration form, provide their document and pay. Bibs are assigned manually. Next step is to enter the data manually in the database.

« The njuko.com to way to do it » :

njuko.com puts at your disposal its know-how and relying on the technology of the QR code, offers to treat your entries on the spot in the same way as online registration, already recorded in your database (this use of the application requires equipment in smartphones or digital tablets - any terminal and all accepted operator).

  • Your participants register online, the day of the race, on their personal computer or from their smartphone and go to the race pack pick-up and present the email confirmation (see email confirmation) and the QR code, they have been given after registration.
  • You Flash the QR code that tells you the status of the file: document to attach or attached? pending payment or made? assigned Bib ?
  • You update upon the necessary modifications to validate the form : document presented and accepted, paid payment (check, cash).

Global treatment of the registrations is no more different from reservations: no more papers, you avoid cashing errors , you assign Bibs automatically (cf: withdrawal of numbers simplified) and last minute registrations are integrated to your database in real time.

Race pack pick-up

The Bib withdrawal requires volunteers: save time by simplifying the procedure!

To go further with the on-site registration, and thanks to the QR code on the confirmation email or on the smartphone (cf.), njuko.com offers you ‘the njuko.com to way to do it’ to simplify the number withdrawal :

  • Your participants will present their confirmation e-mail on which is printed the QR code.
  • You Flash the QR code and have access to the file of the competitor:
    • If he has been assigned a Bib - according to your rules, and no matter when he registered - you give him his Bib quickly.
    • If he has not been assigned a Bib, you can assign him one thanks to the tab « Bib allocations » . You assign a Bib randomly or manually
  • No more signatures on papers for participants. They sign on the digital device of your choice (tablet or smartphone) to certify the number.

As the on-site registration the race number pick-up is simplified, you avoid paper processing, no more computer typing, Bibs are recorded in real time in your database.

We designed this feature to facilitate the race pack pick-up and help you to avoid errors in the Bibs allocation. May be some of you may not be comfortable with this process ; It’s up to you ! you can choose the most convenient way for you.

We won’t change the way to proceed but we give you the opportunity to improve the whole process.

Digitized signature

njuko.com offers a new approach to the signature process, as the on-site registration the race number pick-up is simplified. Your participants sign directly on tablet or smartphone: no more papers, a registered signature, a safer counting of signatures

« njuko.com the way to do it » strikes again!

Set up age groups

Define the rules to set up age groups. Once a participant enters his birth date, he is automatically assigned to the right age group. You set up the criterias of the age group with the birth dates of your choice and therefore manage easilly the different groups on the start line and then rankings.

Set up wave starts

The same way you define age groups , you can define SAS ( waves ) of departure and your participants are automatically allocated to the good waves. You set your wave based on the following criteria: competition , estimated race time , registration date and / or registration number (the first 100 registered , etc .. ) or if they are labeled (eg Elite group ) or other criteria coming from the registration form.

Whenever you set a wave, it is automatically filled with your participants. The SAS can be changed manually.

Sending emails

njuko.com allows you to send email confirmations to your participants, to send a receipt or even get in touch with them directly by sending them an email.

Create an e-mailing campaign

Keeping contact constantly with participants is crucial : they always have questions and you certainly need to inform them quickly and easily. njuko.com partnered at special rates with a specialized service provider : €7 HT for each campaign, €0.02 + VAT per email sent . The service provider we have chosen is a leader in terms of delivery of email campaigns . \ N You have access to the results of your campaign whenever you want.

Editing a registration form

Mistakes are everywhere and you probably it know already, the participants are no exception! You have access to the profile of each participant and you can change any information from is form. The « inversion name / first name » is a classic !You can correct it directly from the participant dashboard thanks to a specific tab …

Mass changes

njuko.com allows you to change the status of payment or change the status of a document for multiple participants at once, from the dashboard of participants. You can even correct this classic inversion of first and last names for more participants at once in 3 clicks!


Do you know when the peak of registration occurred? Do you know who your youngest participant is? Do you know where does the majority of your participants come from? No ? well, we can tell it to you!

You want to monitor the impact of your communication? Want to know if your offer has had an impact? We provide you with detailed statistics: Daily Registration, country of origin of your participants, age of your participants, distribution between men / women … a tool that allows you to get to know better your participants.

Confirmation page

A confirmation page will appear once the payment of the registration is made. You set yourself the message: You can take the opportunity to provide additional information about the race number pick-up, the meeting point, or any relevant information to share with your participants.


It has nothing to do with a reality show, it is all about a report that automatically generates the profile of your participant based on several predefined key criteria. This tool allows you to get to know better your participants and to propose appropriate options (transport, meals, …)

Manage the financials of your event independently


You decide the payment methods you want to plug; payment by credit card is plug by default. Your participants have the choice to pay by credit card online, by bank transfer, check, money order, or cash.

As administrator of the race, you set these payment terms and set the refund terms.


You manage the refunds of your participants by check or online. You cancel and you refund the amount you want, depending on your policy. njuko.com does not interfere.

In the Driver plan you can make as many refund as you want, within the limit of available funds at njuko.com.

The Pilot and Itxiban plans manage the refunds directly from their VAD account, there is no restriction on refund periods.

Registration fees management

njuko.com gives you the ability to manage multiple rates on the same event and the same competition according to two criteria:

  • This rate is valid until …
  • The number of participants (the first X participants registered pay this price, that price for others …)

Once the limit is reached, the price switches automatically, without any human action.

You decide whether you want to show the different prices for all participants or not (optional). This allows you to privilege some participants with specific rates.

Group discounts

We know it’s important to look after clubs or federations that register many athletes to your event. In using this feature, you give discounts in% or € to clubs or groups (e.g. 10 entries, free for the 11th). You master the validity of the code and the number of codes.

Discount Codes

In using this feature, like group discounts, you give a discount in% or € to people you choose on the option of your choice or the entire order. The duration of the code can be limited in time and you control the amount of codes.

Chargeable options

You set your pay options registration form: pasta party, bus, day pass. Participants choose their options and register at the same time (consistency in the form and options). The options are integrated to the shopping cart and they pay all in one financial transaction.

If some options are no more available, or if a participant changes his mind, you can save or cancel the changes from his form, and proceed to the financial transactions. The form is updated in real time.


njuko.com now allows you to record multi-currency payments. You manage international events abroad? No problem ! From now on you set the currency you wish your participants to pay with. We revert you the money collected in the right currency on the account of your choice.

Financial Reports

You need to find out about financials anytime ? we offer financial reports of your event updated in real time : number of registrations by check and amount, number of daily registrations, average basket amount, check deposit amount …

Online store (12)

Make an online store available for your participants so that they can get a souvenir of your event! Did you know that 30% of participants who register online spontaneously purchase an additional product (tee shirt, accessories, hardware, any kind of merchandising …)?

Online store is integrated to your from, you decide the range of product and prices, you can add text, visuals, or even a video.

You manage it independently and therefore increase your revenue.

Split billing

How to split funds collected for registration of those collected for meals ? njuko.com simplifies your life thanks to the « separate billing »: you specify who to revert the funds collected for registration (deducted processing fee) and who to revert the funds collected for the options (processing deducted fee): shuttles, t-shirt… we will deal with all the rest!


Whether you manage several different events, several races within the same event or both at the same time, we have created the first tool of creation and package management.

A participant is able to register to other events you organize in a sole operation.

You can offer attractive rates to boost registrations or reward your participants for their loyalty.

Customer payments

njuko.com reverts the funds collected (registrations + options), processing fees deducted, once a month, on the account details you downloaded.

Transition page

Before you get to the payment page, you can add a free content page and then promote partners or specific offers.


All your partners can access your database from an Application Programming Interface (API = Programming Interface). This API allows your partners to get the information they need anytime.

Ex: your pasta party provider is aware of the bookings anytime.

On the opposite, a partner can download informations straight in your account