Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Anewco SARL Company

Who are you?

njuko.com is a product of Anewco SARL company, registered in the Register of Commerce and Companies of Bayonne since March 30, 2012 and we are based in Bidart Pyrenees Atlantiques (64), France.

Our SIRET number is 750-866-675 00010 and we are declared to CNIL under the number WEs0489716r.

Where to find information about your rates?

Nos tarifs sont détaillés dans la rubrique « Offres & Tarifs » de notre site Internet.

If you wish more information, we are at your disposal: contact@njuko.com or phone +33(0)

event management

How to create an event?

Create an event is very simple (and it’s true!).

If you have not created an account

  1. Create one by entering a valid email address and accepting our terms and conditions ;
  2. Once your user account activated, you can then create an event - fill in the date, location, number of expected participants and define the validity of the rules and create the newsletter (age limit, need a voucher?) registration;
  3. Once you created your event, you test the registration form in real conditions, then validate it and decide to open registrations : your participants can then begin to register.

If you already have an account

  1. Connect with your user name and password from the « CONNECTION » tab;
  2. Once in your account, you have access to / the event (s) you manage ;
  3. You decide if you want to manage an ongoing event, create a new one or duplicate an existing edition.

I am a sports club that organizes an event each year, is your solution suitable for me?

Yes of course ! we value each partner and our application has been designed to suit all types, whether you register online 3 participants or over 50,000! We believe that our application should simplify your life, so that you can focus only on what is critical : the event.

I am in charge of the management of the event and I want more people to manage it online, is it possible ?

njuko.com knew you would get help ! You created the user account and you can access all of the event features you manage. You can also assign management rights to your co-users, which give them access to all available features (or part).

My event was canceled, what do we do ?

First, let us tell you we are sorry , the cancellation of an event is never fun to hear ! If your participants have started to register with us , we refund you with all the money collected ( excluding our processing fee ) so you can make the reimbursements , depending on your refund policy and depending on the option you have selected : check, cash, bank transfer or credit card if you still have money in your njuko.com account.

You can refund a participant by credit card only if he has paid by the same credit card

Security and financial transactions

Are the payments recorded secure?

Payments recorded via our application are 100% secure. For njuko.com, to ensure confidentiality and security of personal information and transactions for our customers is more than a priority, it is our duty.

All payments made from njuko.com platforms are secured by Ogone, specialist in securing online banking transactions.

Our participants pay their registrations on your website, how to recover our money?

Driver plan
As the organizer of the event (Supplier), you sell registrations to njuko.com (Distributor) who then sells them to the Participants (Buyer). njuko.com raises funds on your behalf and reverts them to you once a month, at the beginning of the month, processing fees deducted.

Pilot and Itxiban plans
As the organizer of the event (Supplier) you sell registrations to participants (Buyer) using technology developed by njuko.com. njuko.com fees a fixed amount for each registration recorded at the end of each month. The collected funds arrive in real time and fully on your bank account. We send you our fees at the end of the month.

Whether you choose the Driver Pilot or Itxiban plan, you still control your rates at your convenience, and decide to distribute partly the costs to your participants.

I organize an event overseas / international vocation; can you record financial transactions?

You set the currency you wish to receive payment and when your participants pay their registration in this currency we revert you the collected sum in the right currency on the account of your choice.

Support of our partners / Communication & Marketing

I want to promote my event, do you help me?

You own the datas you collect; njuko.com stores them for you but do not use them. We will not lie to you, we will not contact participants who might be interested in your races … However, we have developed features that help you to recruit new participants:

  • Discount codes help you to organize promotional campaigns;
  • The e-mailing tool helps you to send a lot of emails to your existing or potential contacts at lower cost;
  • njuko.com is on Facebook® and Twitter® to warn our « subscribers » of races openings.

Moreover, njuko.com helps you to integrate to your registration form an online store to increase your income!

You can count on us to help you!

Are the exports made from your application compatible with LOGICA and GMCAP?

Your registrations are the foundation of your event; the export file should be and of the higher standards and compliant with the requirements of the timekeepers, referees, federation, …

We have developed a device which helps you to format We have developed a device that not only helps you to format your file ( LOGICA , GMCAP , Excel , CSV , HTML, XML , HTML, Text ) but also sort the exported data.

no more errors, we are 100% compatible.